Music Services

Arranging and Composition

Having arranged music for virtuosic solo piano, full length music theater productions, film and media, string ensemble (classical and pop), full orchestra (classical and pop), and more, Szczepanek is at home arranging your music for any instrumentation to distribute and perform on any stage or medium. Also with an extensive instructional background stemming from his beginnings teaching when he was just 14, Szczepanek is familiar with transcribing and arranging for all levels of performers, writing music that sounds great yet can be accessible to a wide variety of musicians.

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A solo concert pianist, collaborative artist, and conductor, Szczepanek has stunned audiences with virtuosity and emotionally captivating performances live across the United States and on public radio. He is also highly regarded for his nuanced sense of listening when performing as a collaborative artist. Combining these talents, Szczepanek has performed and toured with many of the world's greatest instrumental and vocal soloists.

Szczepanek also regularly coaches aspiring musicians on honing skills, setting goals, entrepreneurship, maintaining discipline, and understanding the differences between being a student of the arts and being an arts professional in both one-on-one and group settings.

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Are you having trouble bringing all of the necessary components together to have a successful recording session, production run, or concert series? Szczepanek can help provide the right people (musicians, crew, audio engineers, studio locations, instruments, etc.) so you or your organization can focus on what you do best: creative writing, performance, marketing, and more.

Szczepanek is also available to creatively produce recording sessions you have already lined up, helping you get the best possible finished product with less headache, less time in the studio, and more money still in your pocket.

If you are interested in reserving Charles to produce your project, please visit and email him at to discuss your needs.